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An ideal place for in-depth learning and practice of meditation & meditation teaching in Nepal.

Dwelling close to nature and following an authentic spiritual lifestyle, get in-depth training in basic to advanced-level meditation practices, and learn how to teach meditation in an orderly & professional manner. Bring about profound self-tranformation and experience delightful spritual awakening through in-depth learning and practice of mediatation, wisely integrated with excellent yoga practices, powerful energy-awakening practices & illuminiting spritual philosophy classes.

About Us

Kathmandu Meditation School & Retreat is a world-class meditation training school based in Kathmandu, Nepal where meditation enthusiasts from all over the world come to learn genuine meditation practices and to gain mastery in the art of meditation teaching. We offer 50-Hours , 100-Hours & 150- Hours meditation teacher training courses, basic to advanced-level meditation courses and classical meditation retreats at our vibrant and peaceful meditation place located in the verdant foot-hills of the majestic Shivapuri mountain, just beyond the northern most suburb of Kathmandu valley.  Our teachings, techniques & practices have been derived from ancient spiritual traditions – classical yoga, classical Tantra & early Buddhism – and the rich inner  experiences of our main meditation master Sujit Guru. Our practices are non-religious and non-sectarian; and our approach to spirituality is scientific, experimental and experienced-based.

Whether you are a complete beginner wishing to learn proper ways to begin genuine & fruitful practice of meditation or an experienced practitioner wishing to take your spiritual journey to the next level, our programs and practices will prove to be immensely beneficial in terms of:

  • Deep relaxation in the body
  • Stable peace in the mind
  • Profound bliss in the heart
  • Luminous clarity in vision
  • Genuine awakening of inner potential
  • Authentic glimpses of inner riches
  • Breakthrough transformations (for dedicated practitioners)
  • Strong motivation for regular practice of meditation in day-to-day life
Explore & purify the depths of your being. Fill yourself with vibrant positive energy, and get established in the state of blissful, joyful freedom.

Our Meditation Courses

7 Days Intensive Meditation Course in Kathmandu, Nepal

Our 7 days intensive meditation course will provide you a wonderful opportunity to experience deeper states of meditation, attain higher levels of consciousness and enjoy richer states of Being thr...

Our Meditation Teacher Trainings

50 Hour Meditation Teacher Training Course

Our 50-Hour Meditation Teacher Training Course...

100 Hour Meditation Teacher Training Course

Our 100-Hour Meditation Teacher Training Course is meant for meditation enthusiasts who wish to transform themselves into skilled, knowledgeable, confident & enthusiastic teachers of meditat...

150 Hour Meditation Teacher Training Course

Our 150-hour meditation teacher training course provides in-depth training in the art of meditation teaching from basic to advanced-level. The main goal of this cou...

Our Meditation Retreats

Whole Day Meditation Retreat

In this program you will learn basic techniques and practices of meditation from experienced & knowledgeable teachers. You will practically experience the manifold be...

2 Days Relaxing Meditation Retreat

Refresh and rejuvenate your body, mind & spirit through relaxing meditation practices with our experienced & friendly teachers at our vibrant & peaceful meditation school in Kathmandu, Nepal.

3 Days Relaxing Meditation Retreat

Refresh and rejuvenate your body, mind & spirit through relaxing meditation practices with our experienced & friendly teachers at our vibrant & peaceful meditation school in Kathmandu, Nep...

4 Days Relaxing Meditation Retreat in Kathmandu, Nepal

Refresh and rejuvenate your body, mind & spirit through relaxing meditation practices with our experienced & friendly teachers at our vibrant & peaceful meditation school in Kathmandu, Nepal. In this...

5 Days Blissful Meditation Retreat in Kathmandu, Nepal

During our 5 days blissful meditation retreat, you will go through systematic, progressive & genuinely fruitful learning and practice of meditation at our vibrant and peaceful meditation place in Kath...

6 Days Blissful Meditation Retreat in Kathmandu, Nepal

During our 6 days blissful meditation retreat, you will go through systematic, progressive & genuinely fruitful learning and practice of meditation at our vibrant and peaceful meditation place in Kath...

Our Main Meditation Master Sujit Guru

Sujit Guru’s life has been governed by one passion – continuous yearning for self-understanding. From his early childhood days Sujit Guru began to realize that of all the things he did, the only thing that brought him happiness and a sense of being free was when he used to sit down and try to make sense of his own experiences. Over the years that passion for self-understanding found expression in various pursuits and endeavours, to finally culminate in a life dedicated to meditation and self-inquiry. Sujit Guru began to learn yoga in his early teenage years and over time he attained mastery of almost all of its physical practices. Before going to university, he participated in a ten-day Vipassana course, which was his first but profound experience of meditation. He also learnt dynamic meditation and other meditation techniques of Osho and practiced them for several years. Although there were episodes of intense experiences and revelatory glimpses, he was not yet convinced that spirituality was the thing that would provide right answers to his questions regarding the nature and purpose of life.

Rather, his greatest hope lay in the academic world, which appeared to him much more systematic and scientific than the “mystical and unsystematic” world of spirituality. Sujit Guru spent his youthful years as a casual spiritual explorer while giving his primary attention to university education. With great hopes of finding answers to the fundamental questions regarding human nature and behaviour, he devoted himself to the study of social sciences and Western philosophy and completed university level education in India, America and Europe. However, intellectual quest and knowledge based on logic and reasoning could provide neither answer to his questions nor any kind of satisfaction. Joy of living was diminishing rather than being enhanced. Able to find neither happiness nor answers to his questions in academic pursuits, he began to realize that true knowledge and happiness could be found only by exploring and understanding oneself. Then came the U-turn of his life; he left his home and everything in the world and went to dwell in the caves and forests of Shivapuri Mountain, just outside the northern edge of Kathmandu valley. Dwelling most of the time alone, he went through a legendary solo retreat consisting of intense practice of meditation and self-inquiry, averaging 15 hours a day, for about one decade.

The first phase of his sadhana was all about confronting the dark forces which lay hidden deep in the unconscious dimension of his Being, an intense almost insurmountable experience of dread, hopelessness and uncertainty. However, despite the unbearably unpleasant nature of those experiences, Sujit Guru was able to remain stable and persevere with his practice. Although this was a very difficult phase to go through, it brought to him a highly significant realization- that stable awareness was something totally different from pleasant awareness, and meditation was not at all about seeking nice experiences. He discovered that deep in his consciousness there was a quality that could be touched neither by happiness nor by sorrow. Next phase began with a breakthrough transformation which came to Sujit Guru like water coming to a man about to die from thirst. After a kind of total breakdown that ensued from almost-continuous meditation for several weeks carried out in frenzied desperation, he collapsed in his bed, to wake up next morning to a totally new and unknown dimension of experience. He saw that everywhere all around him as far as his vision could go there was showering of golden light and everything was dancing in an ocean of golden pellucid luminosity. An inexplicable serenity descended upon his heart filling his consciousness with the first-ever experience of pure bliss. That dreamlike lucid perception has become established as a permanent quality of his consciousness; and it only increases with further sadhana, revealing to him so clearly the illusory nature of all phenomena and taking him closer and closer to ultimate liberation. Many phenomena pertaining to higher levels of consciousness came to Sujit Guru in the form of blessings and rewards for his unwavering dedication: vivid recollection of past lives, intense experience of what is called “Kundalini Arising”, perception from beyond the senses, understanding from beyond the mind, clairvoyance and so on. Those experiences were very intense and totally unexpected.

Sujit guru felt that it would be meaningless to share them with others or to try to find a guru for guidance. Rather, he started to take guidance from classical spiritual texts. And yes the guidance was there unfailingly, especially in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Buddha’s sermons and his much-loved Yoga Vashistha. Rather than going to the world to brag about his out-of-the-world experiences, he tried to make sense of them in a systematic way. His excellent analytical skills helped him to clarify things, and his scientific approach led him to design experiments that could be replicated in controlled settings. He found that it was possible to practice spirituality as a pure science without making recourse to any kind of mysticism. After dwelling on the Peak of Shivapuri Mountain for more than half a decade, Sujit Guru came down to settle in its foothills, making a hut close to the forest. There he continued his sadhana, which grew by leaps and bounds. After some time, some young boys from the nearby village began to visit him. As they listened to him regularly, they began to be curious to learn yoga and meditation. Sujit Guru started to give experimental meditation sessions consisting of some novel techniques which he had developed based on his personal experiences and study of classical scriptures.

Those meditation sessions proved to be an outright success. The boys reported experiencing interesting immediate effects as well as long-term positive changes within themselves. From these experimental sessions Sujit Guru felt confident that meditation could be explored, taught and practiced in a thoroughly scientific manner. Its practices and techniques could be learnt and taught in a systematic way. Its effects could be observed and measured accurately. Its principles could be formulated precisely. Its experiments could be replicated in controlled settings. He then began to have a vision of establishing a spiritual institution which would be fully devoted to the exploration of meditation as a science. With strong encouragement and support from his childhood friend Rajeev Swami, also a dedicated meditation practitioner living in America and Dinesh Yogi, a committed practitioner and teacher of yoga and meditation, he started on the journey to create a spiritual center that would be devoted to systematic, comprehensive and scientific learning and practice of meditation. With integrated mutual effort, the place is gradually developing into a thriving school where people from all over the world are invited to learn, practice and explore meditation as the ultimate science of life, being and experience.

What our students say
Meet Our Team

Sujit Guru

Sujit Guru is a highly realised sage, accomplished meditation master and wise spiritual guide. He is the main founder, meditation teacher & spiritual guide of our school. His consciousness is endowed with in-depth experience & intimate understanding of the spiritual awakening process. He is especially skilled at translating his wisdom & insights into interesting & impactful meditation techniques.

Rajeeb Jee

Rajeeb Ji started taking yoga and meditation class, along with Sujit Guru, when he was in grade 8 and his life took a twist that no 14-year-old could imagine. During those classes Rajeeb got a taste of the inner joy that was unmatched. Even though he stopped going to the Yoga school after grade 10 as he got busy with the high school, Rajeeb continued to practice yoga and meditation himself.

Dinesh Yogi

Dinesh Yogi is a young and dynamic yoga teacher, skilled meditation instructor and devoted spiritual practitioner. Dinesh Yogi’s spiritual journey began in the year 2014 when he met Sujitam Guru, who had come to Budhanilkantha for spiritual sadhana. Sujitam Guru’s determination to explore the mystery of life and to realise the bliss within had profound effect on him.

Learn Meditation in the foothills of Shivapuri Mountain in Budhanilkantha,Nepal

Our meditation school is nestled in the verdant foothills of the majestic Shivapuri mountain just beyond the northernmost suburb of Kathmandu valley named Budhanilkantha. This area is well-known for having been an abode of spiritual sages and mystics down through the centuries. Today the entire landscape is charged with vibrant spiritual energy which provides strong support for deeply-enriching spiritual experiences. A popular spiritual-religious tourist hub, Budhanilkantha is also well-known as one of the most livable places in Kathmandu. These days, spiritual practice has been flourishing in this place. Dozens of yoga ashrams and Buddhist monasteries are located in this area. Owing to the abundant presence of natural and spiritual energy, simply walking in and around our ashram can be a blissful experience in itself.

Explore Kathmandu as a Meditation Haven

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is one of the most sought-after destinations for the practice of yoga and meditation. It is an ideal place to dwell for those who wish to lead a spiritual life. It boasts of an exceptionally rich spiritual heritage and is blessed with mild weather during all seasons, making proper spiritual practice possible throughout the year. Spirituality in various forms is still kept alive in so many ashrams and monasteries which are scattered all over the valley. Many solo spiritual practitioners can be found dwelling in and around the valley as hermits and monks. Thus, Kathmandu continues to be appealing & inviting to souls thirsty of spirituality. Situated on the lap of mighty and magnificent Himalayas and surrounded on all sides by verdant mountains, the Kathmandu valley has throughout its history been home to saints and sages with highest quality of consciousness. As to legend, the Kathmandu valley was the hermitage of contemplative ascetics such as Vyasa, the writer of the Vedas; the great Buddhist monks Nagarjuna and Padma Shambhava attained to enlightenment here; and Gorakhnath, the father of Hatha Yoga, meditated here for twelve years. Thousands of other unknown sages and seers have practiced deep contemplation, composed important spiritual scriptures and invented powerful yogic practices. Many Tantric and Yogic traditions and systems of meditation originated here and later spread to other parts of the world. The vibrant luminosity of the energy field that envelopes Kathmandu is unsurpassed in its ability to connect the individual consciousness with the cosmic consciousness. For us, the very meaning of Kathmandu, and Nepal, is eternally alive field of pure energy, which is what we really are and which is all that really exists.